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 The Thing (1982)

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PostSubject: The Thing (1982)   The Thing (1982) EmptyMon Aug 25, 2008 1:40 pm

John Capenter's
The Thing

Now this is a cult classic you have to have seen!

Its 1982 and an american research base on the antartic is suddenly startled by a chopper. The person in the chopper is trying to kill a running husky dog. Due to a mistake the chopper explodes and the Huskydog is taken in by the american research station.

As the team come accross the Norweigian research facillity they find out that the Norweigians found something in the ice, wich was burried and frozen there for 100,000 years. Its an alien. This alien is able to mimic every creature it touches using a grotesk transformation. Now the american base is infected. Who is real and who is a copy? Who can you trust? Find out in this exciting horror movie, wich has deserved the title of horror-classic.

--¥¥¤ MajinMartin ¤¥¥--

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The Thing (1982)
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