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 The Host (2007)

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PostSubject: The Host (2007)   The Host (2007) EmptyMon Aug 25, 2008 1:25 pm

AsiaMania pressents
The Host.

A labratory disposes a dangerous cemical trough the drains, wich lead into the Han river. Here a creature will mutate over the next few years.
While the people of Seoul enjoy their weekends around the river Han, the hugely mutated creature surfaces and attacks innocent bystanders. Durring the commotion and panic our main actor loses his doughter to the monster who has been taken away. He himself is put in quarantaine and here he learns his doughter is still alive. Together with his father, his brother and sister they try to find his doughter back.

This is my first Korean movie and I have to say... Job well done!
The movie really got me excited and I wanted to know what happened next really bad. The cast arrent really super-save-the-day humans but just average people with their own strange tics.

Overal 8/10 <--and thats good for a big-monster-movie

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The Host (2007)
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